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Chassis Protection Treatment

When buying as defender, chassis condition is usually a main concern. All our stock cars are comprehensively checked for chassis corrosion, we offer a treatment to combat rust and to stop further corrosion in it’s tracks. The process is documented and we pride ourselves on making the coating uniform and even. No drips or heavily built up areas. Whilst are main focus is eliminating rust, who says it can’t look great too?

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Suspension Upgrades

We supply and fit every spring and shock combination needed to get your Defender handling how you’d like it to. Front and rear lowing kits, lift kits and ant-roll bars. It’s amazing the ride quality that can be achieved.

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ECU Remapping

Our in-house ECU Remaps start at £350+VAT, it is by far the easiest/most cost-effective way to improve the drivability of your Defender. The results speak for themselves!

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Full Bulkhead Removal

Early Defenders and most Puma Hard Top models come from factory with a bulkhead behind the two from seats. It’s great for not a lot, so we offer a service to fully remove it and add a strengthening bar. One of the main benefits is increase leg room. The front cab is tight enough, so an extra few inches of legroom is very welcomed. The process is fairly involved, once the roof and side panels are removed, the original bulkhead is cut out and the sweatboxes re-sealed. Our aim is to make it look as though it was never there,straight from the factory.

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Half Bulkhead Removal

This is a great option if you’d like to retain front/rear land area separation, but require extra leg room. Less labour intensive and a very good upgrade in our opinion.

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Wheel/ Tyre Packages

Our most popular upgrade. We supply and fit any wheel / tyre combination needed, the sky is the limit and everyone has different tastes.

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Sound Deadening / Insulation

We supply SilentCoat Sound deadening material which transforms your Defender. Thicknesses range from 2mm/3/4mm sheets to 10mm (closed cell foam). Highly recommended if you are after a sense of refinement.

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Interior Retrim

Sawtooth wheels and big tyres are great, but the interior is should not be overlooked. We have access to a wide range of factory and custom interior options, such as Full Leather Interiors, Alcantara Headlining and Premium Carpet Sets. A great upgrade from the original vinyl or cloth seats, which really helps give the interior some refinement.

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Full Colour Changes & Accident Repair

We work closely with a local body shop to be able to change exterior/ interior colours. Anything can be done, from contrasting roof & arches, to full resprays. Paint can be mixed to any shade and non-factory colours are also available. The finish is superb, all hardware is removed, and we aim make it look like it has always been this colour.

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Electrolytic Corrosion Repair

No Defender is safe from electrolytic corrosion, usually seen around the windscreen blocks of Puma Models and on the doors of earlier ones. It’s nothing to worry about if it’s treated early. We offer a service which prevents further corrosion and returns affected areas to a factory finish.

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Dog Guards/ Storage Units

A great option for separating load areas from the front seats. Easily removed once fitted and available in several different configurations for both 90’s and 110’s.

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Stereo/ Sound System Upgrades

Many Defenders are fitted with Alpine CDE173-BT Head units, which are compatible with Alpine’s SWE-1200Subwoofer. An easy upgrade which transforms the sound system. We can also supply and fit any stereo system desired, from Kenwood to Focals.

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Double Din / Sat-Nav Installations

A very popular upgrade for any defender. Reversing Camera can also be added if desired. Apple car play compatible displays as well as Satellite Navigation. The switches are relocated to below the right hand side air vent. A factory-looking upgrade that is very practical.

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Panoramic Roof Installations

We can install Panoramic Roofs to both 90 and 110’S, Station Wagons and Hard Tops. It’s a great, subtle upgrade and a completely transforms the interior of your Defender.